Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Field of Dreams

Or maybe The Borrowers

This path ends in someone's driveway

And this is it with no signs(remaining?)

Shortly after this ,ice creams were enjoyed.We started at 08:00

This cluster of buildings is pre-Elizabethan

Beyond the fringe

and here's the egress point for the footpath-up-a-driveway

we stopped here for coffee,collecting stares from the locals

Look at that humidity

We started early @ 08:00 as the humidity was oppressive,and took 3 hours to do the 6 or 7 miles.Charing to Westwell,up the North Downs to the Kent Gliding club,then back down.
Last bit was a bit of a drag,owing to the heat,but we made it OK.
I fell asleep at home ,hence the late posting for the blog.
Thunderstorms expected sometime,grateful relief.
4 chaps,7 miles ,humid sunny.

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