Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wye Church at 25 past 10 at the start.

delivering a birthday cake with 80 candles on it

walk fast,have a rest and when the stragglers catch up start walking.

At the top of the skyline is the North Downs way at Kings Wood

A farm in the valley at Crundale,where we stopped for coffee,and speculated about the church graveyard being a nice place to rest(permanently)

Looking towards Charing ,a very windy day so the skies were clear

a steep and treacherous path(no casualties)

We started a bit later at 10:30 and set off through the churchyard at Wye and Wibberly permissive path towards Crundale Church.
There was very little moaning as the strong wind kept everyone cool.The views did not disappoint,and we made good time,stopping for coffee at the church and then on through the woods.Slowing a little at this stage we crested the downs,then back down in to Wye.
5 chaps 9 miles sunny windy,with ice creams at the end.

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