Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One for the word-botchers?

we walked down to Broadstairs pier then along the beach and esplanade
under the cliffs to Ramsgate Really warm day a bit breezy but as the wind
was off the land we were sheltered and soon worked up sweat When reaching
the pier at Ramsgate we stopped to eat  bread pudding and some
lovely,  cheese scones
After this nice rest it was a slow sight seeing stroll around the harbour to
a small café where we had our tea break 
One again we forced ourselves up and after climbing loads of steps to the
top we walked towards Pevensy bay ( cant spell it) 
Just before we got there we realised that as we had stopped lots of times to
watch the boats etc we should turn round and retrace our steps 
Very pleasant walk slightly breezy at times 
8 miles 4 chaps sunny 4.5 hours.

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