Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Charing to Harrietsham North Downs Way

A train from Harrietsham to Charing ,up the hill and along.
breezy/overcast,then sunny warmish ,a nice walk

 7 of us 6 miles .


  1. A nice area. I had a walk round Harrietsham a few months ago. Very enjoyable. Hoping to get out somewhere tomorrow if the weather behaves. Wife is taking the monster to visit his little friends for the afternoon so I get a bit of peace for a change :-)


  2. HI Glen
    Camer country park will be the centre for our walk next week with any luck.

  3. Almost on my patch :-)

    That's nice area to walk. Head towards Luddesdown if you can. Some good views from the top of the Downs there.

  4. Hi Glen
    Our latest friend is organising the walk,a bit of cartographical participation,which gives me a day off.Hills are not as popular as they were as old age creeps up on us ,we will see how we fare.