Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Due to the weather and weather forecast just 4 from Sittingbourne threw
caution to the wind and went to Herne Bay where they parked up then walked
to Reculver . Very cloudy all round especially towards the Isle Of Sheppey
which was totally blocked from view for most of the time 
We walked along the shoreline until we got to Reculver Towers where we
stopped for a coffee and sandwich break After a sop for this break we slowly
walked aback the tops of the cliffs towards Herne Bay eventually dropping
back to the shore and eventually back along the shore .
Mainly sunny with loads of clouds all round The rain held off with only a
few seconds of drizzle when we got to the car
Probably about 5 miles and 2-3 hours 


  1. Nice pic of a late Wheatear - should be someone in Africa by now.


  2. Some might say not being able to see the Isle of Sheppey is a bonus....