Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hucking Woodland Trust

I can remember crossing from right to left here in the summer,then across the field opposite,only to lose the path.Terry as usual went ahead and found it.

Ancient treasure is waiting to be found across the UK, much of it even older than many of our cathedrals and castles. The UK has the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern Europe. A survey revealed that 80 per cent of people don’t know that the UK has the most ancient trees in Northern Europe. Ancient trees can live to be up to 5000 years old and are vital to the UK landscape, history and wildlife.

This was taken by John,whose camera seems to give an "impressionist"effect

A colleague claims this church is haunted,but I can find no mention of it.  However it has no Roman bits in it(as flints were abundant)

On the right The Old Forge,this was mentioned to me as being abandoned for years.Its now in good repair with a lovely garden.

Unable to work out why gate was padlocked.The 5 bar gate was smashed.The gate was padlocked last time we came this way.

A one eyed caravan in the woods

Any hope of Bramleys was slim,however there were windfalls at the base of these trees,which make excellent apple crumble(allegedly)

These are M27 dwarfing rootstock,quite old by the thickness of the trunk

I thought of several (to me)humorous tags for this scene,ranging from OAP olympic leapfrog team to other less savoury ones.

I was trying to remind everyone that there was a big hill coming up,just to put a crimp in their day.
The sun  came out after 15 minutes and the wind died down and it was a perfect autumn day.There were Mushrooms,Bramley apples and Chestnut post off cuts for my fire.
6 of us did 5 miles
I re post the link to BBC for those who need the podcast.
go to Chilham to Wye podcast.


  1. A beautiful set of photographs but just a tad more wording would be handy -such as one photograph that suggested a locked gate across the footpath - was there access?

  2. Hi Derek
    I had a sick note from my mum and was feeling sorry for myself with Plantar Faciitis
    So fell down on my responsibilities.
    There was access over the gate,the broken one was not locked,supposedly for horses?
    The reserve is well worth a visit,a bit difficult to find.

  3. Thanks,
    Your walks are always beautifully photographed.