Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Warden Bay Fossil Hunt

Burnsie can you check your geocache comments section and get back to me via your or mine commments please  many thanks.

The sticky slippery clay (Gault?) that was crumbling on to the beach.

The remains of the parabolic concrete sound mirror.

I will have to go off and find out what this crystalline rock is,it looks like a Dinosour egg

there was a bird identity "discussion "going on at this point

Mote Park yesterday early mist.
RV @ Leysdown a day that was cold (3C)dull and misty ,then the sun came out and all was well.Fossil hunting was the object of the walk,later,I will post some pix of things that might be fossils.
The pre WW2 sound mirror is now breaking up as the cliff erodes.
No sharks teeth were found,it looked like the tide was coming in so we scarpered


  1. Mr. T.

    Nice to see you gracing Sheppey with one of your day outs. If you'd of let me know I would of popped down and said hello.

  2. Hi Derek,
    yes,my apologies,
    Corraling the troops is a bit like "minding mice at a crossroads"It was a small miracle to get them to agree to this.Like Arnie we will be back,
    this was a recce as much as anything.I need to look at my finds and then post the pictures.
    There was a lot of Ornithological arguing going on
    hope to see you next time.

  3. Nessie12:11 PM

    Vivid imagination GP. Where would we be without your magic ??
    Mind your back next time you are in Warden Bay, a monster might just be lurking in the deep blue sea !