Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Sorry about the mud,Mea Culpa.
Cropredy Bridge Battle history

 We sat in the porch at Hollingbourne church and ate our sandwiches.

We met a comical horse whose rider was wearing a Police approved tabard.The horse raised its right front hoof,to indicate it wanted a peppermint,it was duly rewarded.Unlike our photographers who missed a good picture.

A grey, misty ,drizzly day and seven of us congregated at Harrietsham Church and set off up to the NDWay all the way to Hollingbourne
(all of 2.5 miles)where we took lunch at the church.
Then we dropped down to the lower footpath,and walked the 2.5 miles back.So,with the ups and downs about 6.5 miles.
slippery and muddy.

Next week Benenden.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Charing to Harrietsham North Downs Way.

We do this walk when the WX is bad,and today qualified.
It was grey ,the clouds were down to 200' and there was drizzle.
Not too cold though,and not too slippery underfoot.
Train from H to C then collect one of our men from the tea shop and off along the trail.
7 miles 5 of us mild/misty.
Cat waiting for Fire Brigade

you can see how damp it is .

Obscured Equines.

Charing Church

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A spiffing day,blue skies ,no clouds, a fresh wind at times.
You can just see Stockbury church and across the Thames to Essex

It's that photographer again

Add caption

Over there is the posh village of Bearsted

Just down on the left the Ancient Trackway passes.

They have actually stopped to look at the view

That's a 10 pump fire with lots of chickens being roasted in Frittenden

Roast Beef,Yorkshire puddings,Peas Carrots,Brocolli,Roast potatoes,Boiled Potatoes,German beer.
This gives an impression of the lovely day.
I expect there is a little moaning going on here.

The photographer has not learned the art of leaving his shadow out yet.
We walked around the outside of the Trust land  for a change ,doing about 6 miles.6 of us RV'd at the car park and we set of to Colyers wents and then anti-clockwise to the North Downs Way.Kestrels,Buzzards,woodpeckers.Here are a few pix

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Linton .Loose.Boughton Monchelsea

An alpha male who has tumbled us
.Top right of the pic,is that scrub or old antlers??
Following force 11 gales ,it calmed down a bit and the sky was clear,so we met at Linton Church car park where fresh jam doughnuts were distributed.West along the ridge and then crossing the Coxheath road along footpaths to Loose village (Looz=PigSty in ancient English)we looked at the Yew tree in the church which David Bellamy dates as 4,000 years old.We stopped for coffee by the  stream at the foot of the hill,then under the Thomas Telford viaduct and through "little Switzerland"and then up through the strawberry tunnels to Boughton Mon,where we stopped in the churchyard to look at the Deer.Back along the ridge to the car park 6 or 7 miles,6 of us .I then visited Tovil Tip
which has a cleansing affect on my psyche.

Cox's apple trees,and the fruit was still excellent in January

This raised bed method of strawberry growing means the Polish girls don't have to bend over in the fields any more *sigh*

This is what we have to look forward to.