Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Borstal to Aylesford along the River Medway

The Church,being 1,000 years old has Romano-British Tiles which can date back a further 700-900 years.

Rochester Castle on left Cathedral on Right

The Medway Floodplain

Reeds on the floodplain

The windcock on Burham Church

This horse has no connection with the present scandal involving the Metropolitan Police.

A pillar in the church plastered over

A 1.2MW solar farm at Aylesford.
8 lanes of traffic and a High Speed rail link (3 bridges)

The last time this happened(no cars)the village was cut off by floods in 1968

The Victorian culvert that gets blocked by tree trunks under repair.

Alms houses.

If I run back to the table the timer might not go off yet


A table made from fossil-derived  material
We met at Aylesford ,and had a coffee whilst waiting for the 155 bus which was re routed owing to the village being closed for works.We de-bussed at Borstal,and made our way to the Medway Valley walk and along the river bank to Wouldham where there was a picnic table.Still on the bank to the church then inland all the way to Aylesford.
5 of us 6 miles and the sun had got his hat on.


  1. Age must be getting the better of you if you can't beat the self-timer. Putting the camera closer to the group may save embarrassment in the future. No rare bird this time? My sino adventures are now over, Peking Duck being the only bird of real note. I'm now ready to receive Ray's/your photos of the Egret for further scrutiny if you are able to email them to me. Also you have a 6-digit grid ref as well I may be able to get you acknowledged for a second time on the Kent Atlas.

  2. Hi Adam 970436 Worten.
    Welcome back I did post on yours,but it bounced,it was facetious and referred to Flu-Like symptoms and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.
    I'll have to email Ray and John C and see if they have the originals in higher def.
    Just Curlews ,kestrel,etc today.
    Its all GMT+8 over there? The only place I have not morsed on ham radio.

  3. That's for the grid ref....I'm poised to add GW Egret to the Worsted tetrad once Ray's 12MB images come through. Not surprisingly it'll be a first for that area, and bring the winter species count to 49. Sorry about the bounce back on my blog, think I picked up evian flu while in the far east - endemic in the spring mountain waters of France and bottled to form an epidemic all around the world. Yes 8 hours ahead in China which really messes with your head- had carvings for Shredded Wheat at 4pm in the afternoon. Fantastic flight back (11 hours) over the wilds of Mongolia, Western Siberia, the Baltic and Stratford, NE London.

  4. ....sorry that should be cravings not carvings. Not sure how much longer I can blame mistakes on jet-lag?!

  5. I've been walking the Medway too. So far have covered from Kingsnorth Power Station through as far as Burham. Will eventually get round to writing the various walks up on my blog now I have finally finished the Darent Valley from start to finish.


  6. Hi Glen
    There's more history than you can shake a stick at.Did you see the old brick wall of the Tudor Fort at Hoo Marina collapsing onto the beach?I'll see if I can find a pic of it.
    thank you

    1. Yes I did see the old fort and a few pillboxes teetering badly on the beach :-) Will all be on my blog one day when I get a chance to write it up. Next blog post is going to be about bare knuckle fights on Dartford Marshes (not for the squeamish).