Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hemsted Forest and Sissinghurst Castle.

Hemsted Forest info.
At the start of the walk.
This horse was offered a carrot that I brought along specially,but was refused.

If you come to a fork on the road take it.

Here's a picture of the path after everyone has gone.

Lots of streams and ponds hearabouts maybe Iron Age?

A Naffi break,with limited seating arrangements.
And we are well wrapped up against the cold.

The trailer for next week's walk.

Click for info on Castle here.

They remind me of roosting Java Finches.

On our way back,hills are never welcome.

You might be able to make out that half the lake is frozen over.

Its that photographer chappie again .

Frittenden Church spire.

Is it magnetic?

Dog's cemetery.(well I assume that's what they are,lets hope so)
The RVP was at the southern car park in Hemsted Forest,the sun was shining,the wind(easterly)was blowing and it was around 0 Celcius.
We set off up the nicely graded central path,and,as Terry was mapreading we didn't get lost.Through Chitterden wood and across
 the Cranbrook B road,and into Milestone and Copden woods.
Crossing the A262 we were then in the "Right to Roam"area Roundshill park wood,which we all found enchanting,at the northern end there are picturesque lakes and then it broaches into Sissinghurst Castle Gardens.The Castle gardens are one of the most popular in England ,and are crowded in the summer season.
We are coming here again in the spring and summer,it really inspired us.Thanks for the pictures chaps-excellent.

6 of us 6.5 miles full marks .
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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    lovely photos,funny comments,made me want to visit.