Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The Egret departing .There is some discussion as to whether it's a little one or a big White one.The large one has been seen in the area,so that lends some credence.

The Stour river running through its flood plain

St Margarets from another angle
an unusual tree with three elements.

The person on the right is politely pretending to be interested,he will receive his reward in Heaven.

Egret standing by for takeoff clearance from the tower

D'Oyly Carte's brother Orsen,they were 2 abreast when I overtook them.
This lovely Gatehouse was made of gingerbread and chocolate.
 A machine gun Btn of the Middlesex regiment attached to GHQ in the fighting in France that resulted in the Dunkerque evacuation (Dunkirk being in Kent)A Londoner,he died in a Road Traffic Accident on the Ashford to Caturbury road.
Pic copyright Hothfield Parish
I shall have to look in my Observer's Book of English Churches to fathom this.

These pictures above I took,which is why they are so good.they are Hothfield church and an interesting gravestone,(IWGC)from an unusual regiment.Also,the turret that might also be a buttress?The gargoyles,if that is what they are,and the door with the alcove for holy water?
All these things I will have to investigate.
We RV'd at the church and did an anti-clockwise (widdershins)circular walk that intercepted the Stour Valley Walk and the Greensand way.
It was about 6 or 7 miles and it was at times,windy,rainy,but muddy most of the time.Birds;-Buzzard,long tailed tits,robin,egret(s)
Heron,little brown thing near a stream .

6 chaps 6 miles
Comments are always welcome,be they positive or negative ,they enable us to improve things .
And Greetings to North America and Australia

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  1. That Egret looks bigger than 'normal' - any shots that show it's bill colour??? Could...just possibly be a Great White?! I'm off to China tomorrow so send them through to me after 27th Feb otherwise I'll get all clogged up!