Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Norton to Sittingbourne

You can see by the colour of the sky,what sort of day it was

This footpath was booby trapped with rabbit holes in the snow.

Looks grim?well it was

This is a snipe posing for the camera,well actually a Woodcock.

This ginger tom,was fascinated by my yowling and followed us.

Roman sentries

We had our coffee in the porch

We caught the 333 bus to Norton on the A2 Watling street,alighted and used the footpaths to get back to Sittingbourne.It was bleak,cold,sleety,slippery and grey.So its a good job you were not with us .
5 of us 6(?)miles.Thanks for the pix chaps,they really capture the ambience(bloody cold)


  1. You're brave going out walking today. I had to work outside today and spend most of the afternoon trying to defrost my fingers....

  2. Hi Glen,
    It's the "getting there"that usually defeats us,my 20 minute journey to the RV took an hour.
    It's good to get home afterwards and get warm.

  3. That's no's a Woodcock, tamed by your yowling it seems. I'd be interested to know location if you send me an email, seems there's been quite an influx over the last 5 days (49 in Margate Cemo!).