Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well,its not rough,or common but a nice large woodland area administered by the RSPB.We met at the car park and set off with the intention of going off the paths when the occasion presented itself.It was a little difficult as there were no real landmarks,just lots of trees.We used a compass to increase confidence,and finished up doing about 8 miles,there were 6 of us.
There they go again oblivious to all around them.

This would have been used to stop the Waffen SS in 1940

I had fed this horse carrots,so it was showing more than a passing interest.

The horse complained about an invasion of privacy

More state of the art defences from 1940

These banks are more stable than the ones in the City of London

We are minded to put some largactyl in his coffee next time.

What can you say really? trees

Why the long face?

The WX was windy-ish and mild-ish

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