Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BlueBell Hill to the Medway Bridge

An Hitachi javelin on HS1 at 180mph

The M2/HS1 bridges misty in the distance

A bronze age tumulus 1500BC

Looking out to Snodland on the far bank

We have paused "to allow our ghosts to catch up with us"(as the bushmen say.)

No,we didn't
Blue Bell Hill picnic site near the upper bell(that was)we started off,it was misty coldish,but a nice down hill walk on a firm path
through the woods to Nashenden farm.We paused for coffee at the bridge over the HS1 rail line ,then on up the hill where the Romans camped the night before they thrashed the Britons 15-0
Then the sun came out as we neared the end.5 chaps 7 miles.


  1. A good walk. Did that one myself few months ago.

  2. Hi Glen
    Charles Dickens'favourite walk according to written legend.
    I used to do it on my pushbike ,but am less fit than I was 15 years ago.

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Some camera you have there to capture the Hitachi at 180 MPH without any speed blur. However, I know the man behind the camera has exceptional skills, (so his wife tells me).

  4. Hi Anon.
    It was a new camera,and the person implied,had a better offer,so was elsewhere.
    The train was taken 5 or 6 times as it went past and the best was selected.
    It also has an anti-blur feature I believe.(no not the train)
    My nephew has a season ticket £4,000 p.a. on this train.