Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thurnham-Detling North Downs.

I was going to say "Rattlesnake my A**E"but thought better of it.
Baz and any joke you care to choose about"getting his leg over"
These chaps did their duty barking and then sat in the sun with their eyes shut
Any aggro and I shall launch myself at your undercarriage OK?

135 years worth not including the horse.

A Badger Sett,not very old,but very big.

There was a lamb being born across the field as we watched.

Wild Boars?

The so called "Pilgrims Way"

Top of the hill at Thurnham

LOOK!Bluebells 6 or 7 weeks early at least

...And did those feet in ancient times,walk upon Englands mountains green.

A lovely day,sunny ,clear ,a little breeze,God had put the air conditioning on,we met at the stables,ignoring the girls in Johdpurs and walked across to Thurnham and up the hill.We walked along the Trackway at the top for a change,which was very pleasant.
I stopped to take some pix of Cold Blow radio station,where I used to fix wireless sets.Then carried along the NDW ,we stopped for coffee and actually laid on the grass and did a "Last of the Summer Wine"then down to whitehall,where the footpath through someone's back garden was blocked,luckily the KCC footpath officer was just up the path and said he would look into it.
Then back to the stables.
4 chaps 8 miles hot

Hi Glen
There seems to be a diagonal avenue of trees on google sat pic?
and at the northern end is an old house .
The bricks in the pillars don't look like they are very old or they would be a lot smaller with musch less mortar.
I have found The lost village of Aldington,and,as its Aldington lane
that might tie-in.I shall ask a local expert and get back to you.
On this ,winter picture from Bing maps,you can see an avenue more clearly.


  1. I walked part of your route round Thurnham about two weeks ago for the BHF. The weather was apalling and the mud was ankle deep. Vowed to do the same walk again in the Summer when the weather was better. Looks like you picked a good day to do it.

    By the way, any idea what the brick pillars were for or part of? (as per your pic above).


  2. Hi Glen
    check out the blog,I have put some aerial pics up with my guess.
    Instead of going up and down "heart attack hill"the multiple steps on the NDW
    we crested the top of the hill and stayed on the anciant trackway,till well past Cats Mount.
    (we are getting/have got old)

  3. I don't blame you for skirting the hill. It was quite a slog getting up there in driving rain whilst trying not to slide flat on my backside in the mud.

    If you find out anything else about the mystery bricks let me know.....