Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Bluebells are not out yet.

A puddle.

a river runs down it

As you can see,they are hiding

Alles Scheiss Wetter
Following a drought order,it hasn't stopped raining for long,
also,today a force 9 gale.A quick walk in the bluebell wood,where
they are still asleep awaiting some sunshine.
1 Chap 3 miles rain etc

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kent and East Sussex Railway Tenterden

We met in Tenterden and bought tickets for the trip to Bodiam (£14)
We disembarked and walked up to the Castle and it started raining with a vengance.We fed the ducks/carp had a coffee and then back to the waiting train.We got off at Wittersham ,and it started raining again(see pic of us wet)We followed the canals/dykes and then turned north as we saw The church spires in the distance.
Click here for old cine film of railway 
And here's an even better one 
The map(a 1997 one was dissolving in the rain)

The Wealden Pullman,I have dined on this a couple of times.

carriages for common people

A Terrier with its smokebox door open

Bodiam Castle

A rare appearance from the sun

We had this diesel on the way back

A picture paints a thousand words(most  of them rude)

On our return John treated us to tea and scones .On the way back, a major thunderstorn developed .
6 miles 5 chaps wet.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Harrietsham to Charing NDW

As a result of WX forecasts ranging from very low temps to snow/rain and strong north winds,we decided on a tried route along a firm path.As it turned out,it was sunny,warm ,bright,and only a slight breeze,a lovely day.We caught the train back to Harrietsham and the fare was negligable.
6 of us 7 Miles 3 hours sunny.

A "sleeping" Badger

The Narcissi at Harietsham Church

the Bluebells are early

No caption required

They look like the barbary apes

What's the one you're not supposed to take in the house?