Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Borden and thereabouts

A rubbish tip that leaks methane,but its lovely and wild in there.

We are discussing the age of the building vis a vis the timber

I'm a Pig you're a Goat,You stink ,I dont

My hat is off which ages me by 20 years

We had a cup of tea, sitting in the sun

A mixture of weather,windy,drizzly,sunny,mild ,coats off,coats on.I'm not quite sure where we went as it was my day off from mapreading and the others had lived hereabouts since childhood.It was quite enjoyable and we took the spaniel with us ,who thoroughly enjoyed it and got very dirty.
5 or 6  miles ? not sure 6 of us (including dog)

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