Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Originally we were going to do 9 miles along the Miltary canal,but it was pointed out to me that with tax it was actually 13 miles.
So,we went to Rye(by train from Hamstreet)and walked to the Nature Reserve and along the beach road and back to the town.
Very warm,but a coastal breeze at 25C,a very nice day and a good walk.
7 souls 7 miles 7 ice creams. 

 TOTAL FROM 30-NOV-2005 
2240.62 MILES /1044.25 HRS.

The hut with a face

Rye harbour

Where sheep may safely graze

Camber Castle

Not sure what they were looking at

The old lifeboat house


Rye harbour(almost)church

You have to cross the line(no footbridge)

Salt water was being let through the sluice into the flood plain,and it was evaporating

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