Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faversham to Oare Saxon Shore way

A Thames barge viewed through a telephoto lens

Dame Edith Sitwell admiring the Architecture

That might be a Thames Barge...on the other hand
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I watch these fly over on the way to Mote park.

Faversham to Oare along the Saxon Shore Way .  4 chaps

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ditton, East Malling, Barming

We RV @ Bramleys restaurant and had breakfast,
tres bon .We set off for the water tower and the woods coming back via Sweets Lane and Rocks farm.
It was nice to see the occasional scientist working in the fields.
and Adam 

Menus and wine list

We had to stop at The King and Queen pub for a slight rest.

 1 xtra for breakfast, 6+dog 5 miles sunny

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camer,Cobham,Ifield,Sole Street

RV@ Camer contry park,and off to Gold Street,Cobham etc in a circular route that took 4 hours and must be about 7 miles.A bit mudy on bridleways ,but Jeskyns was impressive.It rained on and off and the sun shone.We had tea and sausage sandwiches at the
end.An enjoyable walk.6 bodies 7 miles 4 hours.
These were ownerless and were roaming Cobham village

Cobham College

Cobham Village Pump

Taken from a tree house with telephoto on.

Under the Terrorism act of 2000,I am unable to comment on where it was going,what it had been doing,and what sort of machine guns they had been testing.

My feet hurt(again)