Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camer,Cobham,Ifield,Sole Street

RV@ Camer contry park,and off to Gold Street,Cobham etc in a circular route that took 4 hours and must be about 7 miles.A bit mudy on bridleways ,but Jeskyns was impressive.It rained on and off and the sun shone.We had tea and sausage sandwiches at the
end.An enjoyable walk.6 bodies 7 miles 4 hours.
These were ownerless and were roaming Cobham village

Cobham College

Cobham Village Pump

Taken from a tree house with telephoto on.

Under the Terrorism act of 2000,I am unable to comment on where it was going,what it had been doing,and what sort of machine guns they had been testing.

My feet hurt(again)


  1. On my patch I see :-) There are some good walks around Cobham/Meopham/Shorne. Think Jeskyns Wood should be refered to the trade description act - more like Jeskyns Twig at the moment!


  2. Hi Glen
    We only intended a short walk,but ended up being out 4 hours.Very interesting and different, our East Kent member had a better offer,so we biased to the west of kent.
    I expect Jeskyns will mature nicely over the decades,like our local Hucking woods.
    Swanscombe :first V1,oldest human remains,and armistice with William of Normady quite an historical area.

  3. I have a post on my blog about the Invicta monument in Swanscombe. An interesting story. I have just put up a new post about a walk I did around Higham a couple of weeks ago. Can recommend it if you are over this side of Kent again at some point. Hardly any hills :-)