Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Since the weather forecast was for heavy rain (again) and we were without our leader or his deputy we thought we would do a stroll where we would not get lost . Five of us met us near Borden and along with a slightly mad dog we set off across the fields until we came to Bredgar Here we stopped for a nice cup of tea over looking the local pond Then on through Bredgar playing fields where we constantly lost the dog . The idea of this route back to Borden was our temporary leader knew where the blackberry bushes were in abundance . We all filled up our containers before carrying on to Borden Church then back to base
                                                                          Near Start Of Walk

                                                                               Bredgar Pond
                                             Distant View Of Bredgar Tea Shop
                                                   Bredgar Playing Fields

                                                             Borden Church

                                                        Borden Playing Fields
                                                                Mobile Home ????

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


On a lovely summers day 6 of us met up at the car park in Wye . we choose a slightly different route from out normal one This time through the local farms watching the combined harvesters at work . This then led on to a very very very steep hill up to The Devils Kneading Trough . Here we stopped for a chance to get out breath back . After recovering we continued along the tops of the hills overlooking Wye . Finally we descended down through a lovely woods ending at Wye college where we spent five minutes picking the local blackberries . A short stroll on we eventually reached our start point About 5 miles only
                                                              Start Point
                                          After taking a wrong turn we ended up in someones garden

                                                 Distant view of harvesting

                                                             This is only part the way up a VERY STEEP hill
                                                              View from half way up

                                                         Devils Kneading Trough
                                                                 Top in sight
                                                                              Wye in the distance

                                                        Back at the start point

The following photos are by our expert Mr JC

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hucking Country Park

With the warning   of heavy rain for mid day just four of us has a slightly early start and planned a short walk hopefully finishing before the rains came
We parked at the Country Parks car park and headed across the road and following a bridle path into Long wood before cutting back into the country paths footpaths . A very muggy day with nothing exciting to report We eventually ended up with spectacular views overlooking Hollingbourne Church Here we stopped for a short coffee break and then slowly made our way back to the car park in a slight drizzle A short but pleasant walk About 5miles 2.5Hrs
                                                   Just after leaving car park at start of walk
                                                                      New Plantation

                                                        Blott On the Landscape

                                                           He is alive just hiding from us
                                                     Waiting for mum
                                                         You can just see Hollingbourne Church Bottom Left

                                                     Zooming in on Hollingbourne Church hence poor quality

                                                         Start Of The Harvest

                                                              Another view of Hollingbourne Church
                                                                   Now with mum
The following photos by the expert JC