Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Since the weather forecast was for heavy rain (again) and we were without our leader or his deputy we thought we would do a stroll where we would not get lost . Five of us met us near Borden and along with a slightly mad dog we set off across the fields until we came to Bredgar Here we stopped for a nice cup of tea over looking the local pond Then on through Bredgar playing fields where we constantly lost the dog . The idea of this route back to Borden was our temporary leader knew where the blackberry bushes were in abundance . We all filled up our containers before carrying on to Borden Church then back to base
                                                                          Near Start Of Walk

                                                                               Bredgar Pond
                                             Distant View Of Bredgar Tea Shop
                                                   Bredgar Playing Fields

                                                             Borden Church

                                                        Borden Playing Fields
                                                                Mobile Home ????

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