Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, August 09, 2012


8th Aug 2012

Five of us met up on an overcast day at Selling Station Where we crossed over the rail bridge but stopped to admire the view over a typical Kent countryside

Immediately we entered a very overgrown footpath that ran along side the railway line . It was obvious that the path had not been used for ages .Soon we came to Selling Road then into a large apple plantation and out the other side across the lane into Goulds Wood . The path through the woods was more overgrown than the public footpath and any minute we expected to see Humphrey Bogart towing the African Queen Finally we passed the Saw Mill to Forresters Lodge Farm . On through the farm passed the ever watchful geese until we got next to the A2 where we stopped for our coffee break . Here we passed a pleasant 15 minutes watching a pair of Sparrow Hawks displaying in the sky . Conscious of darkening skys we pressed on through Arnolds Wood to Dunkirk Rd Into Carrislocks Wood and at the Saw Mill we rejoined the path we started on and struggled on forcing a passage through the overgrowth and made it back to the starting point . Five of us and about 3 hours

                                                      Typical Kent View From Selling Station Bridge

                                                                    Apples Not ready Yet

                                                  Trying To Cut Through Undergrowth
                                                            Overgrown Footpath
                                                                          Waiting For Its MOT

                                                                     Looking Towards River Swale
                                                                         Ready For Harvest
                                                        One Of Very Many Large Ants Nest

                                                                    Rain On Its Way

                                                      Another Overgrown Footpath


  1. Looks like you'll have to take your machetes with you next time!

    You may be interested to know, over the August Bank Holiday weekend I will be walking 70 miles from the Chyps (Ellenor Lions) children's hospice at Northfleet to Dover Castle.

    Chyps currently look after around 100 children in Kent and the London Borough of Bexley. Their ethos is to enable children with life shortening illnesses to receive care in their own homes wherever possible. They also provide support to the families and offer respite care.

    If anyone would like to support me and help raise funds for Chyps please visit my Virgin Money Giving page

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Gordon, thanks very much for sponsoring my walk. I'm glad you are on the mend. You will be back out walking in no time I'm sure.

    Best regards,