Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


On a lovely summers day 6 of us met up at the car park in Wye . we choose a slightly different route from out normal one This time through the local farms watching the combined harvesters at work . This then led on to a very very very steep hill up to The Devils Kneading Trough . Here we stopped for a chance to get out breath back . After recovering we continued along the tops of the hills overlooking Wye . Finally we descended down through a lovely woods ending at Wye college where we spent five minutes picking the local blackberries . A short stroll on we eventually reached our start point About 5 miles only
                                                              Start Point
                                          After taking a wrong turn we ended up in someones garden

                                                 Distant view of harvesting

                                                             This is only part the way up a VERY STEEP hill
                                                              View from half way up

                                                         Devils Kneading Trough
                                                                 Top in sight
                                                                              Wye in the distance

                                                        Back at the start point

The following photos are by our expert Mr JC

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  1. Hi walked through Wye on Sunday on my way from Gravesend to Dover. I think that could possibly indeed be the best view in Kent. It was so clear I could see the wind farm on the horizon. I think it's the one on Romney Marsh. Had a drink in the Tickled Trout as I passed through.