Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


On a glorious day 6 of us met up at Doddington church then through a local orchard we set of towards Torry Hill . A lot of the walk was through plowed up fields which made it hard going . This was a walk we had done a lot of times so for better description see earlier blogs . We stopped at Torry Hill for a rest and a bite to eat Then simply made our way back to Doddington Church Prob about 5 miles
                                                     Start Of Walk Nr Church

                                                                  Local Church in Distance
                                                                 Torry Hill

                                                             Path to a "fenced off" Dean Hole
                                                                       Orchard Of Plumbs

                                Back At Car Park Eating Cake Supplied By A Very Lovely Lady
                                        Inside Doddington Church Wall Painting Circa 1250

                            Tomb In Church Why  Has The Inscription Been Removed

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a nice church for me to investigate one day....

    Hope those plums managed to stay on the trees....

    Finished my walk from Northfleet to Dover Castle on Bank Holiday Monday - a bit foot sore but happy to have raised over £ 800 for the children's hospice.

    I have written up a few posts about my walk - just have the final leg of the walk to post up.