Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


On yet another cold damp morning 5 of us met up at the Car Park for Doddington Church with the idea of looking for chestnuts
we set off along side the Church into Sharsted Woods and with the colours just starting to show on the trees was a good start of the walk
Then into Tickham Lane and onto Lynsted Park where the hunt for chestnuts started There were a lot on the ground but all very small and it looked as if the squirrels beat us to it . Into Lynsted village and onto Loyterton and into Champions Court where we found slightly better crop of chestnuts . The weather at this stage was very windy with a hint of rain . We followed the public footpath back past Sharsted court and onto the Church
 At Start Of Walk By Doddington Church
 Doddington Church

 Near Shartsted Woods

 Sharsted Woods

 Lynsted Park

 Tarzen At Home

 Sharsted Court On Way Back To Cars

 Following by JC

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Selling in the mud

On a very misty morning 6 of us met up at Selling railway station then leaving the cars in the car park we crossed the railway bridge and followed the overgrown footpath . Across the road into Blackleys apple plantation where all we could see was a very muddy footpath through the orchard . Unfortunately the orchard was bare of fruit which dampened the day even more . The going was very muddy and hard work and it soon became apparent that the new walk planned by our leader would have to be forgotten and we would make up a rough and ready walk as we went along . Into Goulds woods by the saw mill the paths were even more muddy due to the passage of forestry lorries working in the area .On through the mud to Forresters Lodge Farm then when we reached the A2 we turned into Arnold Wood then along Dunkirk Rd . Through Winterbourne Wood . Finally we reached the old saw mill again and simply retraced our steps back to the railway station  The days walk  was struggling from one muddy path to another Still a enjoyable day with good company Better than work any day
 Entrance to plantation
 Typical conditions of the paths

 Recently felled trees

 Winter in on its way

 Is this Charlie Browns Pumpkin Patch

 First time we have seen pigs roaming free in the woods