Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shorne Revisited

The walk began in the car park at Shorne Country Park following the western boundary of the park.  Reaching the viewing point at the top of Cardiac Hill there were some spectacular views of the Queen Elizabeth Bridge The standing tree has been carved into a sculpture of a hand holding a flint Following the northern boundary led to the 'explorer' route and the archaeological dig of Randall Manor which is a medieval house platform. Although the dig is currently covered an impression of the size and shape can still be gauged from the footprint. Returning to the northern boundary and up through the Randall Wood the heavy showers that were forecast materialised. From Randall Wood the path led along the Shorne Ridgeway and on to Shorne Hill. From Shorne Hill the views are spectacular. To the west, the East of London, Canary Wharf and the latest addition to the London skyline, the Shard, can be seen. Towards the east a number of bends in the River Thames, much of Essex including the refinery at Canvey Island and Southend as well as North Kent are visible Here again the skies opened. Turning eastwards from the bottom of Shorne Hill the village of Shorne is entered. Along Forge Lane, through North Shorne are some particularly interesting buildings including the Coach House, a tudor building and a converted church  The path leaves the main road by the equestrian centre near Smiths Farm and crosses a field of horses from which Gads Hill can be seen. Touching the Gravesend Road the path turns ninety degrees back across the field to the main return route to Shorne touching Starmore Wood and ending opposite the pub, See Ho. Turning westward to the North of the Village of Shorne the next heavy shower determined the route for us. Rather than return to the Ridgeway the safer and drier route along the road back to the main entrance of the park was chosen. Upon arrival at the park the sun returned and a latte was enjoyed by all.

Please note all photos by JC this week

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