Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sittingbourne to Bredgar

Due to the lack of a leader we chose a easy walk where we hoped we not get lost So five of us met up at Sittingbourne then on a lovely sunny day we set of south led by a slighly mad dog . Through the Borden country park Across a very muddy field , eventually passing the Craft Centre . We got slightly lost at this sta\ge but did find our way to Bredgar tea shop where we stopped for a very welcome drink . Then it was a simple matter of following the footpaths to Sittingbourne
 Borden Country Park
 Borden Park
 Borden Church

 Next To the M2


 Bredgar Tea Shop
 A Late Stop So That GY Could Eat His Pasty


  1. Expected to see cross hairs on that first photo. Ash Trees in photos 11 and 12? Enjoy them while you can. You ever done the East Farleigh-West Farleigh-Teston Bridge-Barming Bridge-East Farleigh loop? Very autumnal at the mo.


    1. Did see a few Ash trees on the walk where the leaves did look rather sad but no staining on trunk so assumed it was just that time of year
      Have done the walk you suggested in the past but well worth doing it again in the near future Big problem being "retired" does not give you much spare time to enjoy yourself

  2. Where this peaceful place is? Why I am here?