Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The following text by our leader of the day LD hence good english for a change 

The group met this week at Camer Country Park. Leaving the Park at the southern entrance and skirting around two heavily ploughed fields we headed for Whitehill. The mention of hill seemed to induce a sense of panic amongst some of the group which continued throughout the walk. Having descended Whitehill we headed up hill across fields towards Meopham Green emerging on the green itself. A Fuji moment enabled the skilled cameramen in the group to take photographs of one of the few remaining working windmills in Kent as well as an unusual car transporter intent on causing an obstruction. Following the line of the green we descended again into the Whitehill valley. Sticking to the bed of the valley we arrived at Heron Hill. It was at this point that the leader for the day realised that what had once been a gentle slope, had overnight been transformed into a cardiac arrest mountain. This was the first of many potential points of rebellion. After ascending what seemed like several hundred feet but was in fact nearer to fifty, we struck off through woodland to Harvel.
We passed up the opportunity to rest for lunch at the village of Harvel allegedly because one of our number had sneaked a late breakfast at Camer before setting off and wasn’t concerned that his colleagues were feeling hungry. Following the Dene Lane Valley path we eventually stopped at the inevitable log for lunch – quarter of an hour later than normal. This is something of a record as John has normally eaten most of his lunch by 11.30. Climbing steadily along the valley side we eventually reached five ways with some spectacular views including one of the hills we needed to descend and ascend in order to return to Camer. It was at this point a mutiny was suggested. However, in view of the fact that no-one else knew where they were and the leader had kept the map firmly locked in his rucksack, the mutiny was easily put down. The return to the Park was uneventful and the walk concluded at Daffs Cafe with a welcome cup of tea.

 At start of walk

 Meopham Green

 Just one of many hills

 Bacon roll anyone

 Wolly Pig , anyone ever seen one before ??

The following photos are by JC


  1. penultimate picture of the pig looks familiar - how's Ray these days?


    1. Ray doing the blog , Adam as our technical advisor what can you tell us about the wooly pig No one in our party has ever seen anything like it . This retirement lark is all go you can get very tired enjoying yourself . Hope to see you sometime when I'm in the area . Thats if you can drag yourself away from WORK
      Merry Christmas Ray

    2. From Ray. Would the pig be a Blonde Mangalitza Gilts'

  2. From all your readers may we wish The Happy Wanderers "A Happy Christmas to all"

    1. From The Happy Wanderers Hope you have a great Christmas and keep working to pay our pensions