Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chilham-Perry Woods

Before leaving home I checked the outside temperature . It was minus yes minus 5.6 deg C

Six of us met up at Chilham car park where luckily the temperature had crept up to minus 4 deg C so after wrapping up as best we could we set off up the hill into Chilham Square , then straight out the other side down to the main road . Here we crossed and walked over very frozen grounds through very bare orchards in the direction of Perry Woods . Upon reaching the wood we set off up the hill that seemed stepper then Mount Everest to a brilliant view point known as The Mount . Here we stopped at the picnic spot for a ten minute coffee break . By this time the sun had shown its face and it became a day when you are really glad you are retired and walking .
After a break we set off down hill but with thawing ground over a very muddy and slippery surface . Then through the village of Shottenden back along the main road to Chilham A very enjoyable 3 hour walk with great company

Chilham Square
 Apples Left To Rot

 Just To Show How Frosty It Was

 In Perry Woods

 The Mount View Point Top Of Perry Woods

 Chilham Village Hall

 The Following Photos By JC


  1. Good to see you still getting out and about, minus 7 at EM.
    Time our group met up with your group for a beer!!.

    1. It must be Christmas if you are offering to buy the beer