Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


six of us met up at Dunkirk, between Faversham and Canterbury and under the temporary leadership of Lea we headed away from the old A2 and towards Bossenden Farm . Note we soon found out that this is a private path but the very friendly landowner allowed us to go through his property then into Crooked Oak woods . In one minute flat we found out that the paths were muddy to the extreme .
We carried on slipping and sliding into Blean Woods National Nature Reserve where the going did not get any better.
It was obvious that we could not stick to Leas carefully planned route so we simply made it up as we went along although we had to try to find drier paths and with this in mind we headed for Dargate . At the point we left the woods near Dargate we were treated to spectacular views over the river Swale and Whitstable . From this point we kept to the roads and across Dawes Rd and back to the cars .
 Typical Muddy Path At Start Of Walk

 One of the better paths

 Another old tractor

Lovely Farm House photo by JC

 View Over The River Swale
 Whitstable in the distance

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On our way to the RV at Teston we drove down Detling Hill into a mixture of sunshine and mist a sight  crying out for a photo. Unfortunately when we got to Teston Country Park the whole countryside was shrouded in mist . Ignoring this seven of us set off along the towpath in the general direction of Maidstone .The towpath was very muddy and in a lot of places covered in sheet ice but still great to be out walking . Our leader had planned to cross the river at Est Farleigh but somehow we were half a mile or so passed the bridge when he remembered . Consequently we had to retrace our steps then over the bridge , up a steep hill to the ridge of the valley . On passed Farleigh Green and then slowly followed the footpath down back to where we had left the cars

East Farleigh Bridge,where Cromwells Model Army outflanked the Royalist nancy-boys and took them from behind in Gabriels Hill Maidstone.And the cry "havoc"was raised by the commander,permitting looting of the spoils,and general anti-social behaviour (see maidstone after 21:00 any day)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Blue Bell Hill to Nashenden

German Met office chart for 24th .

A very iffy day with light misty rain ,fog,and a little cold.
The RVP was BBH picnic site,and we set off from here down the North Downs Way and then past the Robin Hood pub and through the woods on a recently graded footpath with no mud.At the bottom we followed the transport jugular of the M2 and HS1
Looks a bit grim doesn't it?

to the farm,and we stopped just up the hill to have our soup/coffee etc.We rejoined the NDW along Charles Dickens favourite walk,passing a Tumulus and the alleged site of the Battle of Medway,Romans 6 Brits 0 .A long muddy uphill walk back to the Robin Hood and then the car park.Home to heat,dry clothes,and hot food.
The German met office is predicting very cold WX 4th week in 2013,lets see what happens?

5 chaps 7 miles ,wet.I demand a refund of my subs.