Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On our way to the RV at Teston we drove down Detling Hill into a mixture of sunshine and mist a sight  crying out for a photo. Unfortunately when we got to Teston Country Park the whole countryside was shrouded in mist . Ignoring this seven of us set off along the towpath in the general direction of Maidstone .The towpath was very muddy and in a lot of places covered in sheet ice but still great to be out walking . Our leader had planned to cross the river at Est Farleigh but somehow we were half a mile or so passed the bridge when he remembered . Consequently we had to retrace our steps then over the bridge , up a steep hill to the ridge of the valley . On passed Farleigh Green and then slowly followed the footpath down back to where we had left the cars

East Farleigh Bridge,where Cromwells Model Army outflanked the Royalist nancy-boys and took them from behind in Gabriels Hill Maidstone.And the cry "havoc"was raised by the commander,permitting looting of the spoils,and general anti-social behaviour (see maidstone after 21:00 any day)

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