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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Harty to Oare

6 of us met up at the Harty bird reserve where it meets the river Swale . It was overcast but with a hint that the sun may put in an appearance although with the temperature at 1C that was not much help. we went onto the sea wall and headed west . The going was very muddy and the tide out but still a good day to be retired . we basically followed the sea wall past the ruins of a few ships and the old gunpowder factory where we cut inlands . A lot of the going was via the roadway but we cut to the footpaths were we could and finally made the village of Oare .
On through the village to the head of Oare Creek then following the footpath along the side of the creek we slowly made our way back to the starting point
A really enjoyable walk albeit very muddy and cold
 Start of walk from Harty bird reserve at River Swale

 Along sea wall along side river Swale
 Bird reserve

 Old wooden slip way used to load and unload bardges
 No idea what caused this

 This is a real bird house

 Another blot on the landscape

 along side Oare Creek

 Sluice Gates

 Tea Break for old codgers

GY ay a Artisian Well

Gushing with pure, fresh water, this is a  artesian well. This is a survivor of a fuse factory which once stood here. A factory in this remote spot? Yes, not just this one, but three. On the other side of the road was the Cotton Powder Company, producing every kind of high explosive, and in vast quantities, and, beyond it, the Explosives Loading Company, filling bombs and shells with its product. Between them these two factories occupied an area larger than the City of London, with their own offices, power station and railway network. Imagine something like a huge modern chemical factory.

Following photos by JC

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