Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Swale and Chetney Marshes.

Last time we were here,there was a hamburger van on site.JB bought us all a bacon sandwich

Looks a little like Pisa?

There is some argument about the film The Long Memory re the location of the barges on the film,I let you decide.Some say Gravesend,where the film was also shot,but  the above link says Stangate Creek.
This is part of the Saxon Shore way,very bleak(esp in a strong north wind)isolated with the call of sea birds coming across the marshes and inlets.No habitation here,the horses will be owned by travellers,who are able to identify them by their markings.
The barges have been abandoned ,and mariners never break a wooden vessel as it is said to have a "soul".

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  1. Nice to see you saw the cranes on Sheppey - another 7, of the avian kind, further east from Sheerness on the Harty Ferry marshes.