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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cobham Circular Walk

Unfortunately our two members from the educational services could not make it this week so it was just down to the four oldest members to show the flag. We met up on a very cold but dry day at Cobham Riding Stables where we were greeted by about 6 million dogs .
We set off east and immediately found various styles/gates blocked in one way or the other , this was but a minor hiccup to us seasoned walkers
Following  the path up many hills until we reached Broad Street where we  changed direction heading for Hucking .This meant going up another  hill for what seemed like forever . Just before reaching Hucking we joined the North Downs Way to Thurnham and right by the castle we stopped to tarry a while in tribute to Last Of The Summer Wine . By now we had gone up far more hills than we had gone down . Grumbles from the group with cry "Come back GP" We finally forced ourselves on and slowly and very short of breath we made it back to the stables . A really tiring walk but very enjoyable especially when we managed to get out of a very bitter East wind
 Near Cobham Riding Stables
 First Of Many Many hills
 Just In Case We Got Lost 
 In Tribute To Our Original Leader GP 

 North Downs Way
 One Of Many Stops
 View From North Downs Way 

 Hill That Goes On And On And On 

 Following Photos By JC

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