Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oare Creek

on yet another overcast day just 6 of us me up by YOUNGS boatyard at the head of Oare Creek Faversham . After looking at the flooded fields we thought we would try to find a reasonably dry walk
To this end we headed back along the road towards Faversham .Just before reaching Faversham we took the muddy footpath along side Faversham Creek and headed north . It was then a simple matter in following this circular route along the creek, past the Shipwright Arms then back to the cars A short 4 to 5 miles walk but still nice to be in the fresh air . would have appealed to the bird watchers especially a lovely closeup of a Little Egret

 Head Of Oare Creek
 Faverham Creek

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