Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reculver-Minnis Bay

On a cloudy morning five of us met up at the car park by Reculver Towers then set off along the front heading East . Withing five minutes of starting out the sun came out and it suddenly became a brilliant day not to be at work. Past the lobster farm then simply headed towards Margate in the far distance , the sea to our left was flat calm and near high tide . We eventually came to Minnis Bay where we found a cafe right on the sea front it was here we tarried over a cup of hot stuff and sausage baguettes and decided it simply does not get any better,
After a very nice long stop we forced ourselves to leave and for about half a mile headed back the way we came. At the public footpath we cut inland across the marshes eventually near St Nicholas On Wade,  we had another stop albeit a short way , we diverted North eventually very near the sea we kept to the marshes and again passed the lobster farm and back to the RV point
A brilliant walk in great weather between 6 and 7 miles

Reculver Towers at start of walk

 Part of Lobster Farm

 A Well Earned Tea Break  at Minnis Bay

 Return Leg
 Start Of The Marsh Section

 Lost Again

Rear Of Lobster Farm 

End Of Walk back at Reculver Towers

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