Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chartham and River Stour

First a message to the lovely lady Wendy from the land of the upside down people . Hope you enjoyed your visit to the UK , Paris and loads of other places
On a slightly misty morning six of us met up in the car park at Chartham but got concerned on the sign that hinted we could be clamped , and knowing how painful that is we sent our ex head master to the local store to find out what the parking rules were . He eventually came back with very little information but eating a sausage roll that was massive . Taking the hint 2 members were dispatched to buy everyone one , which they did with good grace .
Suitably fed we set off along side the river Stour , by now the sun had come out and we could not think of any where we would rather be .
We followed the river until the footpath dictated we crossed over the busy A28 heading North towards the A2 .  We soon got away from the road following the footpath through a large fruit farm along side fishing lakes
Following the Stour Valley Way heading in the direction of the A2 until it met the North Downs Way .
Entering a large wooded area we found a few stumps that made good seats for our tea break . Interesting in this area as goats are allowed to graze and it was very clear where they had eaten away at the tree trunks .
After a suitable break we carried on the NDW through Chartham Hatch and back into Chartham where we all enjoyed a ice cream brought by our ex head master
Really great walk with brilliant weather and company
 Chartham Church Start Of Walk 

 Rivor Stour at Chartham 

 JC our Expert Photographer 

 Note Where Goats Have Eaten Bark 

 No Idea 

 River Stour At Chartham On Return Leg

 Spring Is Here 


 For GP Note Roman Tiles 

Following Photos By JC 

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