Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


on a cloudy overcast day four of us met up in the car park of Stodmarsh Nature Reserve
Stodmash derives its name from the time when the local monks bred horses here and then the called it Stud Marsh
Knowing that rain was heading our way, doesn't it always , we thought we would make this a simple walk around the reserve and keep our fingers crossed that the rain did not arrive before we finished .
Then it was simply a matter of keeping to the tracks , passed a couple of hides then as we got to the area that opened up to give views of the lakes we were treated to the site of lots of swifts chasing insects all above our heads
There were the odds and ends of bird life on the lakes but as we had not any binoculars we were not certain what they were, Swans various ducks Coots etc
We were treated to a great view of a Hen Harrier not that high but quartering the fields What a brilliant view , later there was a very brief look at a Kingfisher passing by
Now we got to the stage where we fancied a short stop for tea but at that moment the heavens opened , luck would have it that the nearest hide was locked so we did the British thing and have our picnic in the rain .
There is not much that can be added other that we finished our 2 1/2 hour walk all soaked to the skin Still it beats working
 Start of walk

 Just One Of The Lakes 

 Swifts but not very clear 

 River Stour 

 Nessie On Holiday ?

 Picnic In The Rain Note BY With Another Pie 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A Zero station is a Home Guard  squad HQ located on Hollingbourne hill.A brave soul climbed down and took some pix.

Quite roomy inside,often built with a false wall for extra concealment

The escape tunnel and message tube.

we had to wait as it was a long steep climb

more on this later.

Its the Welsh genes wot do it ,he likes going underground

Such a large pie.such a small mouth .Did he share?

I shall look like this in 15 years
 Large, white, tear-shaped egg-sacs are suspended from the roof of the spider's habitat between September and February, these persist for a long period even after spiderling emergence. Hatched spiderlings have been noted within egg-sacs in January.

Meta. menardi is widely but patchily distributed in Britain and apparently absent from large areas. This spider is exclusively European ( and is widespread in western and central Europe.
We did 6 miles ,7 of us dull(the wx)mild,pleasant not too muddy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stour Valley Chilham circular

Fat Albert on X-country VFR nap of the earth <500>
Its Dejavu all over again.The Cycling dept (sans bikes) bumped into the hikers at the RVP at Chilham car park so decided to join forces with a strength of 8.We went down Mountain street,
through Godmersham park,crossed the road and up into the hills
following the heron sign on the posts.We found a log half way and perched on it for coffee and sandwiches.A C-130 passed over very low,probably US as ours are a different colour.
Back along the path which has been upgraded and will lend itself to cycling at a later date.We crossed the stour and headed back to Chilham.Thanks Terry for a good walk.8.5 miles.
Chilham Castle

The Stour

The Castle keep on the left taken from the hill

Green-Winged Orchid Anacamptis morio

The mill at Chilham.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dengemarsh Desert

From Lydd we went down Denegemarsh road to the beach.
The red flags were flying on the range,so we had to cut the corner and save 3 miles.The shingle beach is the largest in Europe and possibly the second largest in the world.The area is the only desert in Britain (if you don't believe me look on the net.)
The beach shingle is very hard  to walk on and affect all sorts of usually uncomplaining muscles.After an hour and a half of this
(during which it rained)we arrived at the Britannia Pub and had excellent fresh fish and chips.It would have been nice to get a bus back,but we didn't.We walked across the nature reserve
(Britains oldest?)and dragging our heels ,eventually made it back for an ice cream in the village
10 miles 5 chaps dull and rain,then hot and sunny.
When the range flag has obvious bullet holes in,its worrying,so we worried a bit.
Lydd church the size indicates area prosperity (or smuggling)
These are my shingle-shoes and were a complete waste of time
This pic might be an offence under the Serious and Organised Crime act 2005.
The lighthouse seems to have a surprised expression.
The uploading of pictures of meals on social networking sites has been suggested as a psycological disorder
Marconi's radio shack,for cross channel radio tests,he pinched all his ideas from Tesla,who was not commerically adept,but an inventive genius.
We were prepared to pay £3 to go up this ,but it was closed.
One of the quarries ,now a lake
It never seemed to get any closer.
I do not own the copyright,it is here for educational purposes and discussion.
The path across the reserve.
Some of us are fitter than others.