Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A Zero station is a Home Guard  squad HQ located on Hollingbourne hill.A brave soul climbed down and took some pix.

Quite roomy inside,often built with a false wall for extra concealment

The escape tunnel and message tube.

we had to wait as it was a long steep climb

more on this later.

Its the Welsh genes wot do it ,he likes going underground

Such a large pie.such a small mouth .Did he share?

I shall look like this in 15 years
 Large, white, tear-shaped egg-sacs are suspended from the roof of the spider's habitat between September and February, these persist for a long period even after spiderling emergence. Hatched spiderlings have been noted within egg-sacs in January.

Meta. menardi is widely but patchily distributed in Britain and apparently absent from large areas. This spider is exclusively European ( and is widespread in western and central Europe.
We did 6 miles ,7 of us dull(the wx)mild,pleasant not too muddy.

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