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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Our two members from the education services cried off at the last minute, the youngsters just have not got the stamina so only four this week so we reverted to plan B
We parked at Lenham car park on a warm bright spring morning and cut across Lenham Square as the start of the walk when we were accosted by a voice from the cafe we were passing . It was our former leader and the rest (2) of our cycling offshoot .
Their idea of a cycling day out was a train, with their bikes for show , to Lenham then sit in a cafe with bacon sarnies .
To prove we don't mind lowering our standards we joined then for a cuppa and chat.
So passed a very pleasant 15 minutes , but being keen our walking group insisted we set off on our walk
We cut through the grounds of Lenham Church where there were a lot of spring flowers coming out .
Following the public footpath through East Lenham onto Mount Castle Farm with its lovely large pond .
This footpath leads through Mount Pleasant and the Old Chapel where we stopped for 5 minutes for a chat to the owner. Then into Bull Heath where we stopped for a short break to enjoy the day . By now we had noticed one of our members had left his rucksack and food in the afore mentioned cafe . After this stop it was onto  Lenham Heath and joining the Stour Valley walk , on passed the sewage works on a short hop back into Lenham
Here we were treated to a Magnum by our expert photographer JC
A really good walk again . This author is away for 2 weeks so keep your eyes open for next weeks by another
 Lenham Square Start Of walk
 Happy Wanderers Cycling Group Meets Walking Group 

The Parting Of the Two Groups 

 Lenham Church

 Mount Castle farm

 Within Bull Heath 

 JC being a mountain goat 

 Following photos by JC

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