Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


on a cloudy overcast day four of us met up in the car park of Stodmarsh Nature Reserve
Stodmash derives its name from the time when the local monks bred horses here and then the called it Stud Marsh
Knowing that rain was heading our way, doesn't it always , we thought we would make this a simple walk around the reserve and keep our fingers crossed that the rain did not arrive before we finished .
Then it was simply a matter of keeping to the tracks , passed a couple of hides then as we got to the area that opened up to give views of the lakes we were treated to the site of lots of swifts chasing insects all above our heads
There were the odds and ends of bird life on the lakes but as we had not any binoculars we were not certain what they were, Swans various ducks Coots etc
We were treated to a great view of a Hen Harrier not that high but quartering the fields What a brilliant view , later there was a very brief look at a Kingfisher passing by
Now we got to the stage where we fancied a short stop for tea but at that moment the heavens opened , luck would have it that the nearest hide was locked so we did the British thing and have our picnic in the rain .
There is not much that can be added other that we finished our 2 1/2 hour walk all soaked to the skin Still it beats working
 Start of walk

 Just One Of The Lakes 

 Swifts but not very clear 

 River Stour 

 Nessie On Holiday ?

 Picnic In The Rain Note BY With Another Pie 

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