Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stour Valley Chilham circular

Fat Albert on X-country VFR nap of the earth <500>
Its Dejavu all over again.The Cycling dept (sans bikes) bumped into the hikers at the RVP at Chilham car park so decided to join forces with a strength of 8.We went down Mountain street,
through Godmersham park,crossed the road and up into the hills
following the heron sign on the posts.We found a log half way and perched on it for coffee and sandwiches.A C-130 passed over very low,probably US as ours are a different colour.
Back along the path which has been upgraded and will lend itself to cycling at a later date.We crossed the stour and headed back to Chilham.Thanks Terry for a good walk.8.5 miles.
Chilham Castle

The Stour

The Castle keep on the left taken from the hill

Green-Winged Orchid Anacamptis morio

The mill at Chilham.

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