Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heysden Country Park To Penshurst and beyond

No ramblers this week,so the cyclists are filling in.
RV@ the above country park,where our friendy ranger was on holiday,and after I had bought her doughnuts on the way over.
We set off on the approved cycle route which is mostly flat with a few long drawn out hills.A very pleasant morning after a tea at the Park.Through the woods and we arrived at Penshurst Place and had tea at the Cafe.(wasp infested).We went as far as poss to Hever,before the footpath had anti-cycle obstacles,where we turned back.We did about 15 miles .
Her are some pix.A very nice day out.(just 3 of us)

Right,how best to embarrass Rachel?Well this should fit the bill nicely,lets hope she never sees it .

Doesn't this look inviting?

OK we've been spotted by these Charolais Bullocks

Xfiles type scenario with UFO above

There's Penshurst Place where whatshername came from(or went to)was it Scarlett Johanssen

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