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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hythe Bike ride.

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The wind was in our faces at 25mph,which caused fatigue
Cyclists with a Corporation binman sequestrating a bike.
On Saturday (Aug 3rd) we met at The Royal Military Canal car park at Lympne .Setting off to west and passing the zoo,where
we stopped to look at the Gnus,we carried on to Aldergate lane
and then east to Botolphs Bridge and back to the RMC.
This route was chosen because it was flat and nicely graded.
We stopped at the RH&DR cafe for a nice cup of tea.
Down to the Princes Parade and Sandgate Esplanade,the WX was spiffing with a following wind at 25-30mph,which meant zero effort.We noticed a bar that was open and there was a screech of brakes as we smelled alcohol.The sun was shining and the sea was sparkling as we sat there and exchanged tall stories and useless information.We carried on to Folkestone and had Fish and Chips at the Smokehouse restaurant.On the return trip the wind was in our collective faces and cycling was very difficult,but with a female in front,we didn't want to lose (macho)face and kept up(sort of)Ice cream half way and more tea at Hythe .We did about 19 miles a spiffing day and no pain.Apart from that in people's ears from my constant B**********G
More photos will follow when they come back from the chemists

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