Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Collective noun for Pilgrims?

Railway bridges,often over 150 years old whether in use or not are still the responsibility of Network Rail.

We're at a  Wier

The sun comes out as promised.

Here we met one of Barry's friends who came past in his car.

A very stormy day with torrential rain,we had a discussion with regard to  "walk then train" or vice-versa.We walked first,along the Stour staying dry and reasonable underfoot on the new cycle path that the EMRS cycle club has done regularly.
Into Canterbury to the Saffron restaurant for a 100% superbly cooked Full English breakfast ,with 100% waitresses.Then a lively walk to the station,where our train was about to depart.
A one mile walk back to the village .
5 chaps 8 miles in total.

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