Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bluebell Hill Circular Walk

A very damp and misty day RV @ BBH picnic site,and set off towards Cossington through the mud.Then along  to the NDW and down to Boxley Church along a slippery tortuous path.We had coffee sitting in the drizzle and then set off to the Lower Bell where we had Tunnocks Tea Cakes,and thence to Kit's Coty and the Upper Bell
Very tiring(getting old?)with lots of exertion,maybe I should have sat by the fire and dozed.There were 6 of us and we did about 7 miles.

 Near start of walk at top of Bluebell Hill This is a Roman Road

 GP was at BS level 7 at this point Cossington Police Comsite
 Typical wet footpath

War of the Worlds scenario

 Another stop to let the photographer try to recover The Alpha Male is sporting distinctive head plumage to atttract fertile females.

 Boxley at its church in the misty distance

Last stop at Kits Coty  "you lookin at me?

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