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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Charing Circular Walk

Greeting to new found relative Carol in Australia

The first sunny day we have had for ages eight of us met up in Charing , although the youngest member managed to go to the wrong meeting place, would you believe he worked in education
We were also honoured to be joined by two of the cycling group and who were also  two of the original walking group when it started many moons ago
After walking through the village and resisting the temptation of the shop selling sausage rolls we kept to the lanes therefore keeping out of the very muddy footpaths and walked to Westwell were we stopped for a lunch break and to watch a signwriter at work .
We then followed a route we had traveled a few times  to the Glider club where Mr  GP treated every one to a much needed cup of tea and a few took the opportunity to have something unhealthy to eat .
Following the lanes and footpaths we joined the North Downs Way and back to Chilham
8 of us about 3 1/2 hrs and 8 miles

 Sun at last

 Lunch Break
 A Real Signwriter

 Near Westwell Church

 JC and friend

 Following by JC

 GPs treat at the glider club

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