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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eighth Anniversary 410 posts and 53,700 pageviews

Its been 8 years (Dec 2005)since we first met up at Dover Cliffs for a 7 mile walk.
The group formed from staff from East Malling Research Station who had retired ,and their relatives.We have been as far south as Vimy,
as far east as Broadstairs,north as Tilbury and west as Westerham.
There have been no rows,no fights,lots of B******T.
Heavy Rain,light rain,driving snow,Ice,low temperatures,mud,wind,
Sunshine,heat,sore feet,a broken wrist,etc.
We have been temporarily disorientated(lost) a few times,have met many interesting people,had several pub lunches,ridden on many buses courtesy of our free passes.Quite a few train journeys,a few boat trips,
Everyone is still talking,its difficult to choose our"best walk"as quite a few have been really good,considering we rarely leave the County of Kent.The average age in the last photo was almost 68.
When we fall asleep in the afternoon we've earned the rest.

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  1. Congratulations lads. Here's to the next eight years!