Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

AYLESFORD to ROCHESTER along the Medway

The good looking one is a doctor

Walter Burke's grave

This is where the flying boats were wheeled out of the factory and test flown on the Medway
That shoud read alongside the Medway,five of us RV at Aylesford car park and then stopped 10 minutes later at the Friars for coffee etc.
The WX was a bit chilly,dull,low clouds,and rare sun.
At Wouldham we visited the grave of Walter Burke in whose arms Lord Nelson died after saying the words "Drink drink,fan fan rub rub"and not as widely misreported later.Some nice views across the river to Cuxton boatyards and then along the Esplanade to Rochester and a very Christmassy scene it was ,and very busy.A quick drink in Pub A,then lunch in the Gordon hotel(excellent and inexpensive)then to Pub B
for another drink,then to the train to Aylesford,and a walk back to the car park.At least 10 miles and more walking monday.

The Victory 's crew cheered whenever they observed an Enemy's Ship surrender. On one of these occasions, Lord Nelson anxiously inquired what was the cause of it; when Lieutenant Pasco, who lay wounded at some distance from his Lordship, raised himself up, and told him that another Ship had struck: which appeared to give him much satisfaction. He now felt an ardent thirst; and frequently called for drink, and to be fanned with paper, making use of these words: “Fan, fan,” and “Drink, drink.” This he continued to repeat, when he wished for drink or the refreshment of cool air, till a very few minutes before he expired . . . 

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